Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Ok ...wel today in math class.. we went 2 da mac lab and did our statistics assignment... and before dat Ms Armstrong told us who got da highest mark on da test!! WAAAAAAAA i lost da bet now i owe arvin 3 bucks.. oh well ... wel anywayzzz... dats about all da things dat we did!! if u have any questions just leave a comment ok ..

LAterZzzZz :)


Editting - The Greatest Challenge

Hello Jellybeans,
I am very impressed with the posts you have been leaving for one another. Now we must come together to improve the accuracy. Who dares to accept the greatest challenge? I know that YOU will (because it's for bonus marks). Thanks to Mr. K for the terrific job working out the editting details.
Step 1: Scan through the previous posts on the blog. Find one that has one or more errors.
Step 2: Discuss the error(s) and what you think the correction(s) should be with me.
If I agree with your editorial proposal go to Step 3.
Step 3: Discuss the editorial change with the author of the post. The author will chose to proceed in one of the following two ways.
Option A:
The Editor is briefly allowed administrative privileges on the blog. They will edit the post to make any necessary corrections. They then sign the post at the bottom: Edited by: [name] on [date]
Option B:
The author will edit the post in consultation with the editor who will vet the author's changes until they are correct. The author then signs the post at the bottom: Consulted editor [editor's name] on [date]
Students may chose to make more than one edit. Each additional edit will earn them a bonus mark on the next test. Your mark on the previous test determines the maximum number of edits/bonus marks available to you.
Mark on Last Test / Max Edits Allowed
> 90 / 1
80-89 / 2 (1 bonus mark)
70-79 / 3 (2 bonus marks)
60-69 / 4 (3 bonus marks)
50-59 / 5 (4 bonus marks)
40-49 / 6 (5 bonus marks)
30-39 / 7 (6 bonus marks)
20-29 / 8 (7 bonus marks)
10-19 / 9 (8 bonus marks)
0-9 / 10 (9 bonus marks)

You may also assume the role of Content Consultant to earn marks as outlined above. Here's how it works:
Step 1: Scan through the previously posted Scribe Posts on the blog. Find one that doesn't provide enough detail or leaves out too much information. Decide what additional content should be added.
Step 2: Discuss the new content you think should be added with me. If I agree with your editorial proposal go to Step 3.
Step 3: Discuss the editorial change with the author of the post. Together, you will chose to proceed in one of the following two ways.
Option A:
The Content Consultant will add a new post to the blog inserted at the appropriate time and date. They then sign the post at the bottom: Additional Content by: [name] on [date]
Option B:
The author will edit the post to include the additional content provided by the consultant. Additional content will appear under a heading "Additional Content". The author then signs the post at the bottom: Additional Content Provided by [consultant's name] on [date]
Students may chose to make several additional content contributions for bonus marks according to the table above. You cannot edit your own posts. When it's your turn to be scribe try to write a post that is so excellent that no will be able to edit it. ;-)
Ms. Armstrong

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Today was so easy. I think it was easy after trying a couple of questions. I think the knew project is easy to. I don't know anything else to say, besides that it was easy. Today in math we went to the computer lab and worked.

Monday, November 28, 2005


Math class was pretty good i finally sat on the other side and it's way better for some reason? well summarized the candy contest and drew images of it. Did a worksheet and we had to arrange different statements on whether it was a census or an example, that's pretty much all we did.

Please Join my S1 Math Forum(currently underconstruction)
I'm currently working on a math forum... I like using forums better than blogs so yah..
I also need help moderating and stuff for this forum... email me if your interested.

In a forum you'll be able to discuss things. Right now I have topics which I copied down from the Common Course Outline Mrs. Armstrong had handed out to us in the beginning of the year. If you need help on one of those topics, post what you need help with and somebody will try to get back at you by replying.


Today in class we went into groups of four. we played the dictation game. we answered the amount of the populations on the smaller sheet which is the survey census...... well anyways as i was saying, you have to cut that up and than paste onto the dication paper. If you weren't finish than that becomes homework for tonight. Oh, we also worked on the yellow sheet.. which is the candy conject? well you know....the sheet that the class was working on last friday. today you had to illustrate the right side of the sheet of paper. and yeah...... we were dismissed at 3:20 today.....well anyways.............i guess that's that. oh and btw, don't forget to get your agendas k.........done.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Winner of the jar contest

why i win because think of the jar and the candy like the unlike terms and like term
the m n m is not like the jelly beans because one jelly beans is equal to 5 mnm so its not
equal!!!!!then i have a jar like the jar that ms.N have!!!!thats why i am the winner of the
jar contest and thank to daureen she said me that 575 is the nearest thing!!!!thank daureen
and thank ms.N for the candy!!!!!!

Matt_juneiL 03

Hee, Hee, Hee... oops!

You are absolutely right Daureen! Way to check up on that Arvin!

The only thing is, I meant to write


So, if you subtract x(2x^2) where x=3 from Daureen's answer, you'll finally "be in the know."

By the way, do you remember that T.V. commercial with the boy who kept on changing all the chocolate chips in cookies to rainbow colored chips? Everytime he did, he laughed "hee, hee, hee, oops!"

How many candies filled the jar?

Good afternoon jellybeans!

And now, the number you have all been waiting for... [drumroll please]...

x(7x^3+3x^2+5) where x=3 close to the truth! Who will accept this challenge? :0)

I learned a lot from teaching both classes on Friday especially that the last period on a Friday afternoon is one of the most difficult to manage because students seem to be high energy, excited about the weekend, and teachers seem to be low energy after a long week of hard work. I'm open to some suggestions as to how to make next Friday work.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and I look forward to exploring "statistics" with you more over the next four weeks.

Statistically speaking

Hello again Jellybeans,
Here are some games to help you study the new vocabulary that Ms. Nicholson introduced for the statistics unit.

Sampling Terminology
Graphing Terminology
Scatterplot Terminolgy

Keep practising... you are going to be very smart mathematical jellybeans.
Ms. Armstrong

You asked for more here they are!!

Hey Jellybeans,
I've been checking around for some more math games and I found some great logic puzzles...just like you asked for.
Check out these sites and let me know what you think.
Stamp Puzzler
The Puzzle Beast

If 'number math' is more your thing, I've found some great polynomial games for you to try out.

Polynomial Jeopardy - This is a terrific game
Combining like terms
Polynomial identification
Evaluate the polynomial
Add or Subtract polynomial
Multiplying Polynomials - Who wants to be a millionaire

Keep playing these games even thought the 'polynomial unit' is completed. They will help to strengthen your skills for the 'Powers and Exponent' unit and 'Linear Equations' unit, not to mention the exam.
REMEMBER: Just like integers didn't go away when you finished the formal unit, neither will polynomials. Math is about building a strong foundation and understanding so that new topics can be understood and learned.

See you on Monday,
Ms. Armstrong

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Today in Class in class we were learning or actually playing a game about statistic. And it was fun cause the first game we had to guess how many candy were in the candy jar, and at first we didn'y know the type and size of the candies, only we knew how big the jar was. So we had to make a guess. And then later some of the students received jellybeans and some m&m's and there were twice as many m&m's then jellybeans, and that was a clue. And when I saw the sizes of the candies my whole answer changed. So once Miss Nicholson showed us the jar filled with candies, and we had to submit our guess, the winner who guessed was close was Ahmad......=/.........So for the second game we just had to go walk around the class to look for definitions on the walls and write them down. It was a bit fun and hard cause you have a partner and one will run up to the definition and read and come back remember some of the sentence they had read and the other person will write it down. And onces that is done, you switch spots and the person who wrote does the running and reading, and the person who did the running now does the writing part. And that was mostly it, and I think we don't have any homework......=/

(wow I wrote alot....=/.....this rarely happens....but ehh)

Ryan R. (rayan)

Thursday, November 24, 2005


played a math board game with the two edwards, celeste, and michelle it was okay, there should be new games though. have to work on arranging my polynial unit together now

The 3 question's from the most talkative guy in Ms.Armstrong's room

the "x" is = to 2 ok?

this is the good question for all of you:

1. 3(x - 4) + (3x + 9) = ???

2. (x)2 =???

3. 6(3x + 4) =???

thats my question

so all of you bye bye!!!! Mattitude_03

Uyen's 3 questions

HEYY!!! Here r mine 3 questions...

both power of 2 on the xs
1. (x +3x-5)+(x +5x+10)=???

both powers of 2 on the ys
2. 5(y+3y+5)+2(y+5y-1)=???

this question x=5

both powers of 2 on 4x and 3x
3. 3(4x+5x-5)+2(3x+10x-3)=???

haha when your done here the answers...remember to do your work!!

power of 2 on the 2x
1. 2x+8x-15

power of 2 on the 7y

sry ppl my powers are all messed up...

i'm just glad we all got to do the quizz already.....that took so long to finish..

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

.....THE MATH BET....

daureen and i made a bet of one dollar on who get's the higher mark..
i bet taht sh'ed get higher but she bet that i'd get higher...
it's $1 on the line!! hahahaha
the math test was easy.... not to be boastful... but it was esay.....
cya at class tomorow!!
remember!! it's careerday...

"the world parts for a man who knows where he is going"
this means.... follow ur dreams!! TAKE CARE!!

the quiz today

man that polynomial`s quiz was harder then i thought , i dont know maybe its just me but yeah . that second last question . the one with the "add 10m on one side of the square and 5m on the other" really confused me, did it confuse anyone else ?

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Ryan's 3 guestions?

1. -3a(4a+8b)+5(8a+5b-10)

2. A number that is multiplied by six, but shared equally with four people.

3. (4x)(5y)-9x(7x-8y) x=5,y=2

The Answer

-12a^2-24ab + 40a+25b-50


A number that is multiplied by six, but shared equally with four people.


(4x)(5y)-9x(7x-8y) x=5,y=2

= -205


A faster way of doing it

= -205

George's 3 question

simplify each expression y = 10 z = -4
1) -10(5y+6z-5)+7(8y-4z+3) = ??
2) -3y+2z-6+8y+-6z+19 = ??
3) 2(3y-4z)-5(6y+7z) = ??

1) -10(5y+6z-5)+7(8y-4z+3)
-50y-60z+50+56y-28z+21 =
add the like terms
6y-78z+71 =
change the variable to the given numbers
60+312+71 =
2) -3y+2z-6+8y+-6z+19
add the like terms
change the variable to the given numbers
62+13 =
add the like terms
change the variable to the given number
-240+172 =

Dinh's 3 Questions

Substitution : x = 4, y = -1, z = -5

I could not do the exponent on the blog so this means exponent ^.

Try to find the answers to the question. Then check your answer that the bottom

1. 3x(3x + 1) -2(2x - 2) =

2. -2y(y + 4) +3y(y + 2) =

3. 2z(1z - 4) +3z(1z + 5) =

1. 3x(3x + 1) -2x(2x - 2) = 2. -2y(y + 4) +3y(y + 2) = 3. 2z(1z - 4) +3z(1z + 5) =
9x^2 + 3x - 4x^2 + 4x = -2y^2 -8y 3y^2 + 5y = 2z^2 - 8z + 3z^2 15z =
5x^2 + 7x = y^2 -3y = 5z^2 + 7z =
5(4)^2 + 7(4) = (-1)^2 - 3(-1) = 5(-5)^2 + 7(-5) =
108 4 90

my questions

hmmm let me see..... lets try.. x=4 y=5

67y+36x-14 =


now lets try x=1 y=9


good luck on the test everybody!!
e ola senora silva! l8erz!

3 questions

1) (4m)(5n) = 6mn
2) -4x + 10
10x - 18
= 14x +2
3) 3 + 9b + 10 = 13 + 9b

.. i don't know if they're right though



simplify each expression. x= 5, y= 10

1) 13x+10y+8-10x+5y-3 = ??

2) 15x+2y-6-10x+y-3 =??

3) 20x-4y+5-5x+4y-5 =??

Good Luck.. and dont forget to study for the test =)


1) 13x+10y+8-10x+5y-3

3(5) + 15(10) + 5
15+ 150 + 5 = 170

Answer = 170

2) 15x+2y-6-10x+y-3
5x + 3y - 9
5(5) + 3 (10) - 9
25 + 30 - 9 = 46

Answer = 46

3) 20x-4y+ 5-5x+4y- 5
15(5) = 75

Answer = 75

Did you get it right?? well i have to study NOW .. Bye

Daureen N.

Michele H. 3 questions

here are some questions to practice for the test ---

1. Translate these into a polynomial expression :

a) a number tripled increased by six
b) fifty-seven times a number decreased by two
c) twelve multiplyed by a number decreased by a number

2. Multiply these polynomials :

a) (-x + 9)(x - 6)
b) 3x (x + 4) - x (x - 2)
c) 5x (x - 5) + x (2x + 7)

3. State whether the statement is True Or False

a) 4xyz is a trinomial
b) 6x + 3 - 4 => six multiplyed by a number increased by three minus four
c) 3xy and 3yx are like terms

> i might not be able to post up the answers right away but i`ll try to . but yeah you can try em anyways . good luck with the test tomorow guys =)

ANSWERS : -----------------------------
3x + 6
57x - 2
12x - x

-x 2 + 15x -54
2x 2 + 14x
7x 2 - 18x


Monday, November 21, 2005

Multiplying Polynomails

When Multiplying a polynomial you must use distributive properties.
Multiply the numeral coefficient by each other and combine the variables together.
Then you multiply the coefficient and the constant and add the variable to the answer.
Example : (3x)(5x-4). You multiply (3x)(5x) = 15x^2
Then you multiply (3x)(-4) = -12x. 3 and 5 are the coeffients and x is the variable. The constant is -4.

Important Fact :
+ X + = +
+ X - = -
- X + = -
- X - = +

By : Dinh, Edward, Jordan, Jason, Ivory

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Are you studying???

Hey Jellybeans,
Here's a study tool to help you prepare for the polynomial test on Wednesday...yes, you have a test on Wednesday.

Create 3 questions that you think I might ask on the test. (Try to be tricky and stump your friends). Post those questions on the blog and let your classmates try to answer them in the comment box. On Tuesday, you can edit your post and show the solutions to your questions. I will award 2 bonus marks on this test for each original question, and accurate solution that are posted. (Maximum of 6 bonus marks on this test)

Here are some practise questions to get you started.

1. Using the diagram, explain how the algetiles represent the process of subtracting polynomials.

2. Find the area of the diagram to the left. <---

Feeling confident...feeling smart...up for the next challenge...

3. Find the perimeter of the same figure (Hint: you will need to find out the lengths of the 2 missing sides - if you get stuck, try doing the same problem using natural numbers and then use that problem solving technique with the polynomials.)

Good Luck and have fun studying with one another :^)

i was soo bored on saturday night i started playing on the games posted on the s1 math site till five in the morning Hahahaha.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Substituting in the Quadradic

today we watched a movie were it showed us something about substituting, and parabola.
for example.

eg. x2 + 3x - 5x + 2x2 - 9

step 1) You Change the value of x.. say it was 2 to make it easier.
- rewrite the question, then change the x's into 2 like this..

x2 + 3x - 5x + 2x2 - 9

2(2) + 3x - 5x + 2x2 - 9

and so on..

2(2) + 3(2) - 5x + 2x2 - 9

2(2) + 3(2) - 5(2) + 2x2 - 9

2(2) + 3(2) - 5(2) + 2(2)2 - 9

step 2) when you've finished changing all the x's into 2's the rest is easy.
Remember B.E.D.M.A.S -- brackets, exponents, division, multiplication, addition, and subtraction.

2(2) + 3(2) - 5(2) + 2(2)2 - 9

4 + 3(2) - 5(2) + 2(2)2 - 9

4 + 6 - 10 + 8 - 9

this one equals to -1.

10 - 10 = 0
8 - 9 = -1

Well, That's all there is to it.

if you didn't get what i just said, just ask the teacher lol. (laugh out loud)


Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Inspirational Jellybeans???

Well Jellybeans, you are not only teaching your classmates, but have inspired your Vice-Principal, (the one, the only, Mrs. Silva) to join the blogging community. She has been so impressed with your classroom reflections and mathematical journeys that she has started her own blog. Check it out and don't be shy to leave encouraging comments for her.

You should be very proud of yourselves.

Ms. Armstrong

Adding Polynomials

to add polynomials you need to add your like term

example: (5x+6xz+10)+(7x-8xz-15)


12x-2xz-5 is your answer

Michelle Covey

....The "Silva" Challenge....

you want math ms. silva??
well.. it's 6:12 pm..... i'll jus give a brief explanation to what we did today..
we learned... substitution... no.... not the substitution in a basketball game...
my defenition of substitution is...
"substitution is simply, giving the variables in a polynomial a certain value"
sound simple...
it really is..
hehehe ... here we go..

say we play a game....
in this "game" we start off with 50 points each...
and for every correct answer we get... we get 3 points...(each correct answer i get is represented by a x)

so.. our starting number of points is 50... now this never changes....
we ALWAYS start with 50... so this "50" is our constant...

then.... say i got ten correct answer.... to get how many points i have..
this is what i was taught to do...

10 x + 50

10 x means i got TEN of x..... now... to get how many is 10x... this is what we do

how many did i score? = 10 ( <--this is how many i scored)
how many points per score? = 3 (<--this is what the x means.)

so.... i multiply it.... 10 (3) = 30

now i know how many i scored..
30.... and i started with 50... so i add that...
+ 50 (<--this is our constant.. the number of points we started with...)
= 80

simple ryt?
aight... i gtg....(got to go.)
take care all!!!!
buh bye!!

oh yeah... leave a comment... please?
i'll give you a cookie..


Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Another puzzle from Mr. K.

Hey Jellybeans,
Want another puzzle to mess with your heads??? Check out Mr. K's blog. He puts up a new puzzle every Sunday. Check it out and let me know if you figure it out.
Ms. Armstrong

Monday, November 14, 2005

green mans

I was just done typing up some work and just when I was done I got zapped into a space ship. This green guy came up to me and said help us from the evil red man. He is slaving my planet and we have to learn polynomials if we want to live.

Ok this is how you add poynomials -like terms-polynomials with the same variables, or letter.
step 1-write your polynomial (numbers with letters) question.

eg. 3y + 5y

step 2-Add your coefficent(the number in front of the letter)

3 + 5= 8

step 3-If the letters are the same you keep that letter and put it beside your answer on step 2

3y +5y= 8y

And that is how you add polynomials.... *are you sure that's how you add. but what if the numbers are different, then what*. Well those are unlike term.

unlike terms-polynomials with different variables of letter.
Adding polynomials
step 1-write your polynomial question.
(3x2 - 2x -4)
+ (-4x2 +3x -7)

step 2-combine your like terms.

3x2 - 2x -4 -if you add a positive and a negative you would get zero which is called a zero model
-4x2 +3x -7 model [ ] + [ ] = 0
-1x2 +1x -11

if both terms have the same sign, and the number and put the sing in-keep the same variable. (if not)-take the lesser from the greater, put the sign of the greater in front.

*how do you know this*I just did it on a computer. Now, can I go back? *ok you helped us thank you*

Friday, November 11, 2005

I GOT COOKIES!! (because I told a little green monkey how to subtract polynomials)

One day I was walking down the street, minding my own business, when all-of-a-sudden this tiny green monkey jumped out from behind a dumpster. At first I thought the monkey was really sick, but then he began to speak. He said "Earthling, my name is Juju, I come from the planet of monkey math." Right away I figured that either this was an alien I was seeing, or I was sleeping. So I pinched myslef and sure enough, I was awake talking to a space monkey. So I said to him "Greetings monkey, my name is Jason. What do you need from me?" Then he told me a long story of how his home planet was obsessed with mathematics, but there was only one thing they didn't know, they didn't know how to "SUBTRACT POLYNOMIALS" and I was the only living creature in the universe that knew how to. I didn't really feel like telling him, because im really lazy, but then he siad "If you tell me, I'll give you some cookies!" That ofcourse sucked me in and I told him.

"If you want to subtract polynomials, you ADD THE OPPOSITE, which means use the additive inverse." he then said "Just like subtracting integers?" I told him "Yes, it is very similar, except polynomials are bigger that integers. An integer is only one number, however, a polynomial can be much bigger because there are CONSTANTS, VARIABLES, and NUMERICAL COEFFICENTS." He began to understand right away, but did not fully get it until I gave him an example. This is the example I gave him.


step 1)place the polynomials line over line on top of eachother
step 2)change the subtract sign to an addition sign
step3)change the signs of the numbers in the second polynomial
step 4) do the addition and get your answer.

Once I told him that he gave me a bag of double stuffed oreo cookies, the best cookies in the world. And he climbed into a little spaceship and took off. I will always remember the day I told a little monkey about how to subtract polynomials.

The Aliens have learned there vocabulary in polynomials

Aliens : Earth people can you teach some vocabulary words in polynomials
Earthlings : ok little creatures we will help you learn your vocabulary in polynomials.
Numerical coefficient : is a number that multiplies a variable.
Constant : are numbers without any variables.
Monomial : an expression consisting a single term e.g. 3y.
Binomial : a polynomial with 2 terms link by a plus or minus sign e.g. 3y + 4z.
Trinomial : a polynomial with 3 terms.
Like terms : terms that are alike or terms with the same variables.
Unlike terms : terms that have different variables.
Exponent : is a small number placed on the upper right side of the number that indicates how many times the number will be multiplied by it self.
Brackets : it tells you that you need to do the equation inside the brackets before you do the equation outside the brackets.
Variable : is a letter that represent a a number.
Polynomial : is a term that has more than 2 terms.
Group 2 : George , Azrael , Junneil , Edward , Sunshine

Sunday Fun! (or Sunday Madness)

Hey Jellybeans,
As long as you're here....why don't you check out Mr. K's grade11 and grade10 precalculus blogs. The grade 11 site even has some games posted (no, they're not order of operation or multiplication games).
It's kind of neat to see how other people blog about math and you can get a sneak peak at what you are going to learn in the next few years.
Enjoy the games...I hope you can pull yourself away in time for class on Monday.
Ms. Armstrong

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Multiplying Polynomials

Hello S1 Math Bloggers,

Here are 5-easy steps to multiply polynomials! Also there are Example Questions if the written steps are to hard for you to understand.

Before We Begin You Need To Know The Vocabulary:

Constant: It is the number which is after the variable like it is adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying to the term. (4p+6)

Term: A polynomial term have variables to whole-number exponents; there are no square roots of exponents, no fractional powers.

Example: 4p² is a polynomial term.

4p-² is not a polynomial. This has a negative exponent!

Okay Lets Begin Math Pirates!

Example Question: (4p+6)(2+4p)

Step 1. Multiply the first digit & variable in the first term to the first digit of the second term.

(4p+6)(2+4p) 4p x 2 = 8p

Step 2. Then multiply the same digit from the first term to the digit from the second term.

Example: (
4p+6)(2+4p) 4 x 4 = 16

You notice that we haven't did nothing about the variable ( p). To multiply the variables correctly please read on. If you already know how please go to the next step 3.

To Multiply Variables
To multiply variables it's pretty simple. If your multiplying variables that already exist and are the same imaging there is a little one on top of that certain variable such as () The little one is just to help you how many of that variable is there before we are multiplying them together. In this case it is the variable "p". To multiply the variables, in this case the variable is "p". Just add the little ones together and that is how to multiply the varibles. p¹+p¹=p². If you got variables such as (3JKL+4JKL) it should look like this (3J²K²L²). It doesn't really matter what variables you got just remember that there is a little one on top of each variable and just add the little ones together. You should get 16p²

Step 3. Take the constant number which in this case is (+6). Now take the constant from the first term and multiply the other constant from the other term.

Example: (4p+
6)(2+4p) 6x2=12

Step 4. Almost Finish! Take the same constant from the first polynomial and multiply it with the number coefficient and the variable from the second polynomial.

Example: (4p+
6)(2+4p) 6x4=24 and just add the variable "p" 24p

Step 5. Last Step! After doing all the multiplying, here comes the easy part you just combine any like terms and then put your answer in ascending order.

Example: 24p + 8p 24+8=32

24p+8p add the variables together p¹+p¹=p­²

Your Final Answer:


There you have it! That is how you multiply polynomials! If I have missed anything please comment and ill reply soon as possible!

Hope these steps helped you how to multiply polynomials! Good Luck!! :)

(subtracting polynomials)...Aliens... HEAR MY WISDOM!!

Earthlings: Subtracting polynomials is the same as Adding polynomials except we have to change the subtraction sign into an addition sign.
Aliens: How do you solve this "Wise One"?...... (5x + 10y + 11) - (10x + 15y + 13)
Earthlings: Like this..

Step one:
Write terms in column form with their like terms

(+5x +10y +11)
- ( +10x +15y +13)

Step two:
Change the second set of polynomials to the opposite sign and change the subtraction sign to an addition sign, this is called the additive inverse.

(+5x +10y +11)
+ (-10x -15y -13 )

Step three:
Add all the like terms together.

(+5x +10y +11)
+ (-10x -15y -13 )
-5x -5y -2

Aliens: thank you kind earthling.... maybe now we'll jus bother ms. armstrong more..... for we crave this..... wisdom....

message from me: any questions?? leave a comment!!

The Aliens Have Landed

Hello Jellybeans,

Just this morning, little creatures landed in my back yard demanding to know everything I know about polynomials. can only imagine my fear. I froze. I couldn't say a word...but, I motioned for them to follow me. This is where you come in.

Each group of aliens has been assigned to learn one piece of the polynomial puzzle and bring it back to their planet. Some will learn about vocabulary, others will learn about adding, others about subtracting, and another group about multiplying. I need all of the 'Flamingo Souffles' and 'Octopus Brownies' to help out. Tell them everything you know.

Now it is your responsibility to pass this information on to another species. If someone posts information that is incorrect, it is your civic duty to leave a comment on the post to correct or clarify the information.

Have fun teaching the universe and beyond !!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

hi to all my friend

so wa sup men so tnx miss armstrong for this membership heheheheheheh

so this is jp i love you all hahahahahahaha

Monday, November 07, 2005

Now it's your turn

Hey Jellybeans,

Good to see so many of you are checking out the site and registering to become contributors. Now, the time has come ... it's your turn to try posting. Remember, the objective for this blog is to improve your math skills through communication.

How To Post:
1. Go to URL:
2. Type in the user name and password that you provided when you accepted my invitation to blog.
3. Click on S1 math
4. Click on 'Create' under the 'Posting' tab.
5. Type in your post. (Ask a math question, provide an insite, review today's highlights from class)
6. PROOF READ your post.
7. PROOF READ your post again. (Does it make sense? Is everything spelled correctly??)
8. Click on the yellow button that says 'Publish Post'

See you tomorrow,
Ms. Armstrong

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Access to Millions of Brains

Hey Jellybeans,
Just like most of you, I'm new to blogging. I'm a little bit uneasy about this new technology...will I say something stupid... will it be a flop...BUT, I'm also excited by the idea that we have access to millions of brains from all around the world. People that we could never meet in our lifetime, that have similar interests and questions are right at our fingertips.
The other day I was marking the mathematical translation puzzles that you were creating and I came across several papers that made me think 'how do you translate that???'.
So... I did what I always do when I'm not sure about a math answer...I marked you wrong (just kidding :) I asked Mr. Kuropatwa. (Remember him, he's the man who lives across the hall). Anyways...he explained that somethings don't translate easily, just like any language there are some things that are difficult to express. Then he said "Why don't you blog about it??"
So, here it goes. Maybe somebody out there...more knowledgable than you or me...has the age old answer to the question...How do they get the caramel inside a Caramilk bar??? Oops, wrong question. How do you translate a mathematical expression that involves more than 1 set of brackets and various orders of operations?
For example: 3x (2x – 6 / 3) + (2x +1)^2
Note to jellybeans: ^ this symbol tells people that the 2 is an exponent because this program does not have that formatting feature.
My translation would be something like this: The sum of all of the difference of two times a number and six divided by three multiplied by three times a number added to all of two times a number and one to the exponent of three.
Problem: how do I show that I've closed the bracket so it doesn't sound like 3 is multiplied by 3x and the exponent is for the whole bracket not just the 1? Aaaaaarggghhh.
Good job on making those puzzles jellybeans, you've really made me think!!
Ms. Armstrong

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Check out your new help center

Hello Jellybeans. I hope that everyone had a fabulous day out in the workforce and left a positive impression with future employers. I'm sure that you represented DMCI extremely well and your parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends were proud to have you along side of them today.

While you were away...seeing the world...appreciating the work that others do, I was here at school setting up a blog for you to communicate with your classmates about MATH. This will be the newest place for you to get help with homework and catch up on classes that you have missed. You can write about the topics covered in class, you can post a math question that you are struggling with, or you can respond to someone else's question when you think that you can help them out. The more you post, the more valuable this tool will be towards learning and gaining credit in this class. So have fun... and help one another.

I have started you off by posting some websites that I think you will benefit from. Some are for multiplication practice, others are for integer operations, and others are for order of operations. Check out the sites that you think will help strengthen your skills. After know yourself best.

Here is your assignment:
  1. Leave a comment describing where you went for your work placement and how you enjoyed your day. (make sure you use your first name and last initial only - for safety, DO NOT type your whole last name)
  2. Click on the link that says email Ms. Armstrong and send me a short email. This way I will have your email address and I can set up your account so you can post messages on the site.
  3. Check out any 3 of the links that might help you out.

See you on Monday,
Ms. Armstrong

My first post

Hi just trying this out.