Thursday, April 20, 2006

Time to kill PART 2

oh this is the part i hate.

arvin's conscience : "DUHH!!!"



on to the harder part.
i already dealt with equations like..
"12 = 1 + x"
"12 = x - 1"

now, how do we find the value of "X" if we have an equation like,

3x = -6

now. the goal is still the same.

Find the Value of the variable.

we have 3 set's of x's that are equal to (-6)
this is how it would look like in algebra tiles.

now, our problem here is that we have 3 sets of x's and the value of the total of those 3 sets is on the other side.
now, we still need to isolate the x's
since we have
3x = -6
we have to cancel out the co-efficient for x
how? by dividing it.
3x is equal to 1x or simply, x.
remember the what u do to one side u do to the other rule?
well.. since u divided one side by 3 (to cancel out the co-efficient) we divide the other side by 3 too.
so we have

3x = -6
it would look like this in algebra tiles,

the result would be,

or in plain arithmetic

x = -2

get it? easy isnt it?

now let's flip it.
say we have an equation

x = -2

Now, what we know is that 1/3 of the variable x is equal to -2
to get the FULL value of the variable "x"
we have to multiply it by the number the variable is being divided by. in this case, that number is 3.

so we multiply BOTH sides of teh equation by 3.

and because we were dividing the variable by 3, multiplying it by 3 nullifies BOTH of the operations, leaving it simply as, X. and viola, we have isolated X.
but since we used teh process of multiplying (x/3) by 3, we have to do the same thing to the other side of the equation. therefore, we multiply (-2) by 3.
after all the calculations, the equation would look something like this...

x = -6

i have explained all four of the operations. but the next.. is the multi operation equations. (WOW! it rhymed~!) but unfortunately. i dont think im in the mood to do that today. hahaha.. sorry guys. cya later.


At 8:41 PM, Blogger Ms. Armstrong said...

This explanation is so good that you could put me out of a job. I hope your classmates appreciate the effort. By the did you create those impressive algetile diagrams? They are awesome.

At 11:42 PM, Blogger Daureen N. said...

Good job Arvin!! =P

At 8:36 PM, Blogger Arvin A. said...

as a refrence to people who are going to do scribing. if u guys wanna use pictures in ur post. use the "insert Picture button" to browse for pics on ur drive or type in the URL for the pic u found on the net. what i did for my last 2 post was make diagrams using the Program PAINT. then i saved it. the i did what i sed on top. well.. gotta go. bye!


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