Tuesday, February 28, 2006

it was fun in class today

HI GUYS, i just want to let you guys know how fun it was today in class
at first we start by playing a very fun,educative and understand
in relation to TRANSLATION and to be sincear with you guys i reald
enjoy playing .
then later on move to a new part of translating call MAPPING RULE
which was treaky at first but later on understand what she was trying to say.

DEFINATION;MAPPING RULE-it give the direction of the translation
x-is left/right
y-is up/down

NOTE: if you dont remember how to work with integers ... then I strongly suggest you ask someone ..

-3 + 28

When working with integers, you should ignore the "plus" or "minus" signs , you should just think of all the numbers as positive and negatives. Positives mean "add on to.." and negatives mean "take away from.." , and when adding and subtracting integers you always take the sign of the higher number.

When multiply and dividing, the math is done normally but if the two signs are like same (+)(+), or (-)(-), the answer will be (+) positive. If the numbers are (+)(-), or (-)(+), the answer will be a negative.


Now to study the "Polynomials", "Powers & Exponents", and "Factoring"
This will be less complicated because these three units depend on eachother, and so if you know one , you`ll know MOST .



Expression - is the statement or question (problem) that is given

example : -3x + 10

Numberial Coefficient - is the number that comes before the variable (which is usually a letter)

example : -3x + 10
-3 is the number that comes before the "x" (variable) so therefore it's the numberial coefficient

Variable - it's usually a letter and it represents the value of an unknown number

example : -3x + 10
x is the variable, it comes after the coefficient

Constant : is the number that is alone, the one that has no variable beside it and stands alone as only a number

example : -3x + 10
10 is the constant



When translating expressions you should always circle and underline things to help you figure out the statement or to help you translate your expression.


The sum of a number and ten

How would you work that out ?

n 10
The sum of (a number) and ten

When you put it all together, you know its "the sum of" something so it's an answer to an addition (+), "a number" is the value of an unknown number so its a variable, and "10" which is a number ...



Three more than one fifth of a number

The quotient of ten and five multiplyed by a number

Triple the sum of six and a number

k well ... i`ll study some more math tomorow, like terms, BEDMAS, (dividing, multiplying, adding, subtracting) polynomials ... etc etc . hey this blog is pretty coooool . makes me so easy for me to study muuahahaha . math nerds , hey we should have a math nerds club chhyeaaah :D(Y) well im gona go study for social now HAHAHA . k LOVE YOU GUYS BYE :)

Bet you guys didn't remember this ... because I didn't HAHAHAHHAHA ...

NEGATIVE CORRELATION : this scatterplot shows a relationship that drops to the right. The independent variable is increasing and the dependent variable is decreasing.

ZERO CORRELATION : The dots on a scattorplot are scattered at random and do not resemble a line

LINE OF BEST FIT : This is the line that goes through the middle of your dots to show you the relationship

INTERPORLATION : Basically means to estimate the value of something that is not already given on the scattorplot.

FOR EXAMPLE : If it said on a chart that the sales increased every 5 days, for 25 days, and you wanted to figure out how high the sales were on the 14th day. That would be an interporlation.

EXTRAPORLATION : is to estimate the value of something that is not already give on the scattorplot and goes beyond the highest value

FOR EXAMPLE : If it said on a chart that the sales increased every 5 days, for 25 days, and you wanted to figure out how high the sales were on the 27th day , thats an extraporlation


Exams are coming up in a couple of days and I'm going to start studying for it. Although a lot of people may ask "How can you study for math?", actually you can and it's probably a wise decision TO study because then your awesome ! ;) But anyways, since I'm studying, might as well study with the whole class right ? Okie dokes.

These are the units we've covered so far:

Powers & Exponents


Basically the last unit we covered, Factoring, includes both "Polynomials" and "Powers & Exponents" (not so much Statistics though), so if you're able to do Factoring pretty good then you should be okay with the rest of the stuff.


Since "Statistics" is the odd one, I think I'm going to start with that:

Statistics is more the "languauge" of math rather then numbers. You just need to know what each one means. This is how i summarized the unit ... you don't need to memorize the definitions, just need to know what they mean ...


Population - is the entire set of items or group of people that data (information) can be taken from

EXAMPLE : If a teacher made a survey to see how many students would like to play basketball. The students are the "POPULATION"

Sample - is a selection taken FROM the population

EXAMPLE : If the teacher specifically picked Michele (me), and 5 or 6 other students. Those students selected would be the "sample"

Census - A survey that is based on the entire whole population, everything in the population is included

EXAMPLE : Canada has a census every five years where it surveys every adult in the country.

Representative Sample - A selection from a large group that portrays equally of the numbers of the large group

Bias - to apply either a negative or positive factor that could change an outcome, or that the whole population is not included.

EXAMPLE : Should teens be aware of the dangers of drinking and driving, to make our city a safer place ?
This question is bias, because it sort of pursways you to say "yes", because who doesnt want to be safe right ?

New Unit, New Life, New Topic

hahah. See? I actually got to a computer to do this post.
Well, what we did today was quite fun actually, we Practiced Plotting Co-ordinates on the Cartesian Plain by putting down letters on random coordinates on the Cartesian Plain that was marked on the FLOOR!!! Well, I disagree with Mrs. Armstrong.. The class didn't smell that skunky! You should go inside the Boy's Locker Room after GYM!!! Well, apart from that we Did The Three point approach Sheets.

Word = Co-ordinates
Defenition = An ordered pair that locates a point on a Cartesian Plain
Synonym = Ordered Pair
Word = Translation
defending = Sliding a figure (Shape) up, down or diagonally along a straight line WITHOUT changing it's size, shape or orientation.
Synonym = Slide

Well, That's about it.
I Have to go now.
dont do drugs!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hey folks, it's Kyle again using my bros. account, still can't figure out my password -_-' but heres what we did today Mrs. Armstrong gave us 20 minutes to finish up our test. She then gave back our setting goals, sheet along with another sheet. Then we filled out new setting goals sheet, and also learned new words, tautology. I think thats the right spelling, it should be right i used spell check =D.

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Try This!!

Hey guys... Here's the site that I found, I hope that this will help. Try it anyways and leave one. =)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Woah! Hard Puzzle!

Hey, I Found this puzzle called "The Enigma Puzzle" Its very hard :p well here is the puzzle Good Luck!

^ Click the Image Above To Start the Puzzel ^

Note from Author of Puzzle:

This web-based puzzle will test your powers of deduction, reasoning, logic, creativity, research, ability to see connections between apparently unrelated things, and your ability to think outside the box in general. In order to get the most out of this brain-teaser, you will need to have a computer. (Which you obviously do.) Unlike many similar puzzles of this type, the tools you need to solve these puzzles are part of your operating system already:

- A web browser (duh)
- Image viewer
- Calculator
- Notepad or another word processor
- Rudimentary "paint" program
- Media player
- It may help to have a printer... or maybe not
- Lastly, this was designed on a Windows-based PC with Internet Explorer... no promises about whether or not a Mac, Firefox, Mozilla or Opera will work on all puzzles.

That's right... no need to scour the net for hacked versions of Photoshop or Java decompilers, no need to read my mind and guess my favorite band, and no need to learn the Python programming language. ;-) You'll probably learn a few things in your travels, and don't give up! Every puzzle has a logical solution - pay attention to every part of every puzzle, and remember what came before, as many puzzles build upon ideas or techniques introduced earlier.

Thanks: Wikipedia

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Feb 23, 2006

today in class we just worked on our factoring puzzles that we got yesterday and at the end of class ms.armstrong asked if we have any questions for her to go over because TOMORROW IS THE FACTORING UNIT TEST SO GOOD LUCK EVERYONE

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another day for GAMES!!!!

New Games From Latestgames.net and 123games.dk

Parking Zone
Description: A puzzle game that requires you to use your brain and park the car according to the color.

Online Sudoku
Description: know How to Play :P Complete The Grid... Can't use the same number in the same row or colum. Differnt Sudoku Every Day :)

Find Different Point
Description: Basicly Like Picture Hunt :) Compare Two Pictures See Whats Differnt From Between The Pictures.

The River IQ
Description: Its like the mouse, cat, dog. You can't leave the dog with the cat because they would fight You can't leave the mouse with the cat because the cat will eat the mouse. You got find a combination what goes well with.


fraction game

  • http://www.gamequarium.com/fractions.html
  • Tuesday, February 21, 2006


    Oh!!! These two games is a bit like Trap in a Room....maybe iunno but yeah...it made me super duper mad, cause you got to have perfect timing, and no one should die.....=/....but yeah....these games will make you mad like Trap in a Room.....=D

    Objective: You just light the 2 torches to open the portal to save the Princess...=D

    Hapland1 & Hapland2

    thanks to....Foon.co.uk

    Puzzles and Green Sheets

    In math today, we had spare time because barely anybody was there. We were told to work on our green sheets or our puzzles. All the green sheets should be completed except for the very last page.

    Immunization Forms

    Immunization Forms due Tomorrow
    Pssst....pass it on.

    factoring :D

    today in class we did this work sheet on factoring numbers and were assigned to do all the even question numbers. We also did a hangman to find out the method that we are supposed to use for it which is the grouping method. Oh and Mrs. Armstrong also spelled method wrong hehe but its cool I forget how to spell a lot of words too.hmm what else did we do?? Oh and I was chosen for scribe today as you can see. Anyhow the work sheet we were assigned has questions like 2a squared +5a+2 the way you do this question is by first multiplying the first number by the last number ex: 2x2=4 then you factor out 4 ex: 4=2x2 and 1x4 then you find the mulitiples that equal to the second number when added ex :in this case it would be: 1x4 then youadd it into the question ex: 2a squared +1a+4a+2 then you find the GCF for both parts of the question ex: 2a squared +1a =1 and 4a+2=2 then you put it into brackets ex: a(2a+1) 2(2a+1) then you take what is in side the brackets and what is multiplying the numbers in the brackets and you multiply them together useing brackets ex: (2a+1)(a+2) and this is your answer. well yha ok see you peoples!

    Monday, February 20, 2006

    Math Movies

    Hi... I went on the internet and found some math movies which can help with this week's test :)

    Well.. Here they are:

    Prime Factorizantion

    Trapped in a Room Like Games :)

    Did you like a challenging thinking games like Trapped in a Room? Well here is your chance to play more challenging thinking games like Trapped in a Room. Here are some of the thinking games I found on the net today. I Hope you guys enjoy yourself :) *Note these challenging thinking games are called "Point and Click."

    Last Minute
    Description: Here we go again, you stuck in a room. What you have to do is pick up stuff and use it wisely then get out of the room.

    All Roads Lead to Paradise
    Description: This is a detective point and click games, looks more like CSI to me.

    Cannibal Escape
    Description: More scary point and click games, this time you need to escape from cannibals. *WARNING* SCARY!! You BEEN WARNED!

    The Ugly
    Description: This is a scary point and click game which contain violence, don’t play it if you have a weak heart. Oh and by the way, try not to get killed. *WARNING* SCARY!! You BEEN WARNED!

    Warning: Children should not be playing this game because it contains violence.

    One Simple Room
    Description: I know you love playing point and click games, here's a nice one for you. Don’t let the title fool you, its not simple at all.

    Samorost 2
    Description: Another impressive point and click games! The sequel of Samorost had just being released! Even though i never play first episode before but i really enjoy playing the Samorost 2. The art work is great and the background music is brilliant.

    Puzzled 3
    Description: You got to click here click there, pick up stuff, use them at the correct place, open the door and get the hell out of the room. This is what point and click games is all about. Prepared to get puzzled.

    Description: You awaken from an uneasy dream.You are in a small, bare apartment. You are alone. You have no idea how you got there. You don't even know who you are.You exist in a perplexing and enigmatic environment - welcome to the town of Kafkamêsto. Here you can lose yourself for a day...

    Or a lifetime...

    99 Rooms
    Description: This is a scarry point and click games with eerie background sound. You have to find something to go ahead, if you found it then just click or drag. After that just walk to the next room. If you feel hopeless then just press space to get out of the freaky room. *WARNING* SCARY!! You BEEN WARNED!

    GOOD LUCK :)

    Edited: Haha Sorry, To Thank Latest Games . Net Check it Out For Cool Games :)

    Sunday, February 19, 2006

    Fiday`s class

    Michelle.S pretty much said everything...we had like this mini-quiz...and then got into groups of 2 or 3 and went through every question explaining how we got the answer....the assignment was pg.22 of the green booklet

    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    yesterday's class

    sorry I didn't get to post up what we did yesterday because I was not able to log in. anyways in class we had to answer five questions . . . sort of like a quiz but instead of getting our answers checked for marks we were given cards. with those cards we were assigned to groups of twos or threes. we then had to discuss the question given to us and write and explain our answer as a group to the rest of the class. if our answers were discripted enough and right then we would receive full marks. our questions were based on finding the length and width of a rectangle and the area. anyways for those who are in my class . . . the assignment' s page 22 in the green booklet.

    What we did on Feb.15/06

    Today all we did was got in to our groups. Worked on a group problem our problem
    was the yard b on the group problem sheet. Corrected page 19 in the green booklet
    and i'm finally doing my work in class now becuase i know what to do now. LOL!!

    BY: FABE$.L.

    Got Bored :)

    I Got Bored and Made This :) To Represent the class of 2005-2006 :) Haha You Can Use This "Mini" Banner For Each Scribe You Do To Represent Class 2005-2006 *hehe*

    I Also found this site GCF Which will help you find the Great Common Factoring... It Has A Workout Area Which It Shows 2 different number and you got to guess the GCF ! GOOD LUCK! Hehe


    the code to the banner is

    [img src="url here" border=0"]
    URL = http://www.members.shaw.ca/danny_tran2/jelly.gif
    *Note* Replace "[ ]" with "< >" To Make the Code Work :)

    Friday, February 17, 2006

    You are going to love me for this one.

    Hey Jellybeans,

    Is this cool or what??? You can make your own graffiti art using this site, GraffitiCreator.Net (It is super easy to use)

    I found out about it from GraemeW in Mr. Malandrakis's 20s Computer Science class.

    Ms. Armstrong

    Are you up for a little challenge???

    Hey Jellybeans,

    Think you're pretty good at this scribing thing?? Check this out. This is a scribe posting from the Pre-cal 40S class. Pretty impressive don't you think. Why not try to challenge yourself and aim for this quality. It shows great attention to detail and demonstrates a firm grasp of the content.
    I know that you can do it.

    Ms. Armstrong

    Picture Source:

    Now for something completely different :)

    Place the digits 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 in the boxes (one in each), so that the multiplication is correct.
    How many solutions can you find? Can you explain how you found them?

    The poles where the rings land are multiplied. For instance, if you throw 5, 7, and 11 twice, your score is 5 * 7 * 11 * 11 = 4,235. Can you figure out how to score 3,168?

    Puzzles courtesy of 'Think Again!'

    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    i found a great site to practice your math skills

    i found a great site were you can parctice your math skills check this out

    We move to another room - scibe for the day

    Unfortunately Ms. Armstrong's room is freezing cold so we moved to another room and we reviewed the group work with did last Feb. 14, "valentines day", everybody try to asnwer the questions and we figured it out. Then we tried to solve question # 59 in page 201 after that we did the yellow that Ms. Armsrtong gave us.

    math problems

    I found this good math site that has math
    prambles on it. So go check it out. that
    is all the good web sites i can fine

    jason E

    Ok, this is Kyle I'm using my bros account cause I forgot mine -.-'' LOL, tomorrow I'll get my own =D ok, anyways this site will help you on factoring , you can practice, learn from the explanation that is given and soon enough you'll do factoring in a blink of an eye. =DD

    February 16

    OKay Today we corrected page 21 out of that green booklet (sorry i dont have the answers). Then we started to play that factoring game with the cards....Took awhile to get the hang of it. LOL
    Ryan.A (a.k.a the next Ovechkin)

    Wednesday, February 15, 2006

    almost forgot

    i almost forgot to do this....(hoooooh)
    anyways, today played the game that we
    also played yesterday
    then we answered some worksheets
    as far as i remember that's all we did today

    til' here coz i need 2 sleep


    Today we learned a new, and easy way to multiply with binomials using FOIL.
    F = First O = Outside I = Inside L = Last

    eg. (h - 7)(h - 8)

    First = (h - 7)(h - 8)
    = h2 - 8h - 7h + 56
    Outside = (h - 7)(h - 8)
    = h2 -8h - 7h + 56
    Inside = (h - 7)(h - 8)
    = h2 -8h - 7h + 56
    Last = (h - 7)(h - 8)
    = h2 -8h - 7h + 56
    = h2 - 8h - 7h + 56
    = h2 -15h + 56

    That's how easy these problems can be using FOIL. After Ms.Armstrong showed us how to use F.O.I.L. she handed each of us a card. Where one person would read an expression, and another person would say "I HAVE" if they have the answer to the question. Then they would say what they have, and turn the card. And then they would say a question themselves and someone else would now have to say what they have.. and so on and so on. It's a pretty fun game we should play it more often, Ms.Armstrong. =D

    Tuesday, February 14, 2006


    i found a link... which is sooo cool!! it has moving pictures..
    HERE it is..
    it's about primes factoring... which is sorta the base of what we are doing.. so yeh..


    i have always wondered what valentines day was about... so i decided to search it up.. and it turns out.. it started from the war of love and anger.. check it out.

    egend has it that the original St. Valentine was a priest in Rome during the reign of Emperor Claudius II. Claudius was a vile and brutal ruler bent on amassing an enormous army. To achieve this, he banned all marriages in case husbands refused to leave their new wives and go to war.

    Enter he whom I consider was the rather romantic St. Valentine, a priest who cherished love over war and clandestinely married enamoured couples. For his kindness and compassion, the quixotic priest was bludgeoned to death and beheaded on the 14th February 269 AD on the order of Claudius."


    Distributive property???????

    I really forgot what to do..
    anyways, ill start my own.....

    we start with this, first, the class did a stupid things first, and ms. armstrong is really mad...
    but this is wut we really did

    (x +4x)(3x+12)
    x +7x+12
    6.2 3+4=7
    (x+3)(x+4)same as the numbers at the top////

    i hope you do get it, i cant describe it in english really well, so i xpressed it in numbers....
    you'll find it easy, but its not, its hard, no one could do this, this is the hardest part in math.....

    A game and another Explaination of Factoring

    Hehehehe....I do not know if this is going to help, but yeah....I have found this and I hope if it will help...but yeah...I will try to look for others...maybe...=/......=D

    illuminations: Factor Game

    Factoring Polynomials

    How do I format an exponent?

    Hello Jellybeans,

    I thought I might be able to help out with the ever annoying exponent problem. Instead of typing 48x^2, you can use a little html code to create the exponent. To do this, just type 48x2 and then click on the 'Edit Html' tab at the top right of the composing box. Type the code <sup> before the exponent and the code </sup> after the exponent.This will raise it up. I have to give credit to Danny T. who showed me how to do this. That's the beauty of blogging - everyone is teaching everyone :) If you have a few spare moments, why not pop by some of the pre-calculus or consumer math sites to see what you will be learning next year. While you are there, leave some encouraging feedback for them. They would love to hear from you.

    Ms. Armstrong

    My Apologies

    Dear Bloggers,
    About two weeks ago I made a poor choice. I should've written this letter earlier but it's not the easiest thing to do.

    An inappropriate comment appeared on Ms. Armstrong's class blog. The language in that comment was very rude and affected my teacher, my classmates, my friends, my school, and myself. I need everyone to know that is not who I am. I did not think that I was using the class blog and thought I was using my friend's. Regardless, there is no excuse for my behaviour in terms of how I chose to use the internet.

    The internet as you all know is a great tool to communicate, do research, and keeping in touch with the world. I abused it and learned a tough but valuable lesson. I hope my experience will prevent others from making the mistake I did.

    I just want to apologize to my teacher, my classmates, and my school for what I've done and I will never abuse the use of the internet again.


    Monday, February 13, 2006

    Same as yesterday's yet this time with negatives.

    all we did today was the sheets that arvin didnt finish... nice going.. and we went on to the next part of it. This time it's with a twist, there are negatives...

    if the question was..

    x^2 + 12x +20
    it would be equal to...

    (x + 2) (x+ 10) = x^2 + 10x + 2x +20 = x^2 + 12x + 20x

    this time... we did it with negatives...
    find the factors of..

    x^2 - 12x -20

    it would be equal to...

    (x - 2) (x + 10) = x^2 -10x -2x -20 = x^2 -12x -20

    now now now... how did i do that?
    hmm.. because + times - is = (-)

    i guess now i did my part... so i'll leave it to that..
    Remember to do that pages ms. armstrong told us to do.
    the Whole page 20 i think..

    I don't know about uyen but at least i did my share

    here is a sight that explain factoring, help you understand factoring, and help you practcie.
    here check this site FACTORING

    Polynomial Games - A review for factoring

    Hey Jellybeans,
    I've found some great polynomial and factoring videos for you to use if you are stuck. Just click on Chapter 5 or 6 and choose the topic that you need some extra help with.

    I also found these games for you to try.

    Multiplying Polynomials - Who wants to be a millionaire
    Polynomial Jeopardy - This is a terrific game
    Combining like terms
    Polynomial identification
    Evaluate the polynomial
    Add or Subtract polynomial

    Keep playing these games even thought the 'polynomial unit' is completed. They will help to strengthen your skills for 'Factoring', 'Powers and Exponents', and 'Linear Equations', not to mention the exam. REMEMBER: Just like integers didn't go away when you finished the formal unit, neither will polynomials. Math is about building a strong foundation and understanding so that new topics can be understood and learned.

    Ms. Armstrong

    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    Need some help in math? Well look no further cuz these links can help you

    Wassup guys just found some new links to some math games.
    link 1 lol this website's games are easy. You could check the other games in this website too.
    link 2-this website is kinda cool and complicated too. It helps make solving polynomial problems easier, not that im saying that polynomials are hard for you guys, it just helps you if you are stuck in any problems plus Mrs.Armstrong does a good job in explaining polynomials. I don't think you guys would need to visit this site if you listen properly in class, lol not that I'm saying that you guys don't.
    Sorry but i couldnt find anymore websites for you guys these to links were the best that i could come up with.

    Friday, February 10, 2006

    Binomials to Binomials... very forgetable yet useful.

    What i really noticed about today's Class was that it was mainly about Multiplying Binomials to Binomials. so as my first post as .... well... i forgot what it is.. let's jus call it Scribe-assistant....... i found a site that was worth looking at.. speacially if u have problems with multiplying Binomails...
    HERE you go..

    Factoring and Time Travel - all in a day's work

    Hi!!This is what we did today.Well we did more of the factoring bingo.(you would have learned that we did that yesterday, but yesterday's scribe didn't do his job). We also learned why Ms. Armstrong played bingo with us: She did it to show us a preveiw of what we learned today:Binomials by binomials. Like x2 +9x +20=(x+5)(x+4).x2+5x +4x +20= x2 +9x +20. Also, for those of you who wheren't there on Tuesday, I learned a new arithmatic term: Tessaract. 4dimetional. You can't make a visual representation of it because, even though we live in 4 dimentions, we only see 3. You're probably wondering what the 4th dimension is: It's time. To make one you'd have to go back in time which you can't because times a constant not a variable.Unless there was a spacial annomoly to send you either through time or the opposite. Do that you've got yourself a tessaract.

    Dallas C.

    Friday Feb 10

    In class today we marked factoring out a common factor page 11,12,13 and 14. We played factoring bingo today and i thout it was fun and that is all we did today.

    Jason e

    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Research Director - A new hat to wear!

    Hello Jellybeans,

    Starting tomorrow morning we will be adding a new daily feature to the blog. Each day the "Scribe" will choose a "Research Director". That person's job will be to search the net for a great new math site that helps to explain, reinforce, or extend a topic that we have covered in class. The Research Director will post a brief summary of the site, and share it with the class by creating a link.

    Since most people prefer to learn from visuals, try looking for videos, diagrams, or java applets that demonstrate a topic really well. Maybe you can find a neat cartoon or powerpoint. You never know what you might find. Don't forget to credit the author of any material that you borrow. Just because it is on the internet, does not make it yours to take. One day someone may borrow intellectual property that you created - wouldn't you want them to at least recognize the efforts that you made???

    Happy surfing!
    Ms. Armstrong

    Psychic, psycho or telepathetic???

    Hey Jellybeans,

    Thanks to Jason D. I have a new word - "Telepathetic" - I like it, it's good. Anyways, check this out and then check this out. See if you can find the "pattern". After all, if it's math, there has to be a pattern.

    Ms. Armstrong

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006



    Factor: 2 or more numbers multiplied together to give a product.

    Example: 8 x 2 = 16

    Find the Factor:
    1) 16 = (1, 2, 4, 8, 16)
    2) 12 = (1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 12)
    3) 10 = (1, 2, 5, 10)
    - The GCF (greatest common factor) is 2


    1) what is the GCF of 36 & 42

    3x2 x 3x2


    THE GCF IS 6

    Prime Factorization - A special treat for you

    Hey Jellybeans,
    I have a special treat for you. Click on this link to watch a short cartoon video. When the new screen opens, click on the link that says "Prime Factorization".

    1. Watch the video
    2. Watch the second video called "show me another way to factor"
    3. Play the quiz

    I think you are really going to enjoy Tim and Moby while you learn a little math.
    Click here for some extra practice making factor trees.

    Ms. Armstrong

    Tuesday, February 07, 2006

    February 07 2006

    Today we corrected the "A Little Quiz" quiz.

    Sarah insisted that there were errors in the following statements. Scott insisted that the following statements are correct. Who is right and why? Correct each statement that has an error(s).

    Here are the correct answers :

    1. (x^8)(x^4) = x^32

    - this statement is wrong

    - (x.x.x.x.x.x.x.x)(x.x.x.x) = x^12
    (^eight "x"s and four "x"s equals twelve "x"s)

    - it is product law

    2. (b^2c^3)(b^3c^2) = b^5c^5

    - this statement is correct

    - (b.b)(c.c.c) . (b.b.b)(c.c.c) = b^5c^5

    - it is product law

    3. (a^2b^3)^5 = a^10b^15

    - this statement is correct

    - (a.a)(a.a)(a.a)(a.a)(a.a)(b.b.b)(b.b.b)(b.b.b) = a^10b^15

    - it is power law

    4. (-3mq)^2 = -6m^2q^2

    - this statement is wrong

    - (-3mq)^2 = -3mq x -3mq = 9m^2q^2

    - (-3)(-3)(m)(m)(q)(q) = 9mmqq ^^ like shown

    - first of all 3x3 is not 6 , the person who made this statement added the two 3's instead of multiplying them. 3x3=9 , and a negative number multiplyed by a negative number equals a positive number, not another negative. But they added the exponents correctly

    - it is power law

    5. (2k^2g^3)^4 = (4g^6k^4)^2

    - this statement is correct

    - (2)(2)(2)(2)(k.k)(k.k)(k.k)(k.k)(k.k)(g.g.g)(g.g.g)(g.g.g)(g.g.g) = 16k^7g^12
    (4)(4)(g.g.g.g.g.g)(g.g.g.g.g.g)(k.k.k.k)(k.k.k.k) = 16k^7g^12

    - it is power law

    6. (3a^5b^6c)^2 = 3a^7b^8c^3

    - this statement is wrong

    - (3a^5b^6c)^2 = (3)(3)(a.a.a.a.a)(a.a.a.a.a)(b.b.b.b.b.b.b)(b.b.b.b.b.b)(c)(c) = 9a^10b^12^2

    - it is power law

    NOTE: all of these statements are "exponent" laws . There were a lot of people who lost marks by putting "exponent law". PRODUCT LAW, QUOTIENT LAW & POWER LAW are all under the catagory "exponent law"

    Then we spent the rest of the class correcting (in groups) the "Following the Directions" sheet. The end answer was "Lemons For Sale", but you need to do all the work in between to figure out how that was done ...



    Get those brain wheels spinning

    Hey Jellybeans,

    Here is a link straight from Sargent Park that you MUST check out. Mr. H. has posted some really great brain puzzles for you to solve.

    I also thought you might want to check out the grade 8 blogs that you have inspired. I'm sure that they would love it if you left positive comments to encourage their blog to grow. You can also invite them to check out some of the work that you are most proud of. Just think...you can be a mentor for next year's S1 class before they even get here!!!

    Sargent Park:

    Enjoy the ride...it's half the fun of getting there!
    Ms. Armstrong

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    I don't want to do this

    ok this is what we did today
    -we talk about some coures we can take later on
    -we got some test back
    -we did a little work and some work in the book pg-191 #25 I got the answers but I just hope I don't forget them
    and that a quick review on what we did for today

    Friday, February 03, 2006


    WOW!!! we are actually DONE with half of the school year... and that makes me both sad. and happy... take a biiigg guess why.. :P
    TODAY... was very very very..very.........VERY.... confusing... if it wasnt for my friends to guide me around. i would have been marked absent for most of my subjects... im too used to my semester one subjects.

    MRS. ARMSTRONG!!! she made us do this quiz that had all these questions.
    number 1 was "read all questions carefully before doing anything" emphasize on the ALL questions part.
    i did it all and when i got to the last one... BOOM! it said "do only questions one and two."
    AHHHHH!!! i multiplies a 3 digit number by a three digit number without a calculator! hmph.

    well.. moral..

    hahhaha... NICE ONE mrs. armstrong!!