Thursday, February 09, 2006

Research Director - A new hat to wear!

Hello Jellybeans,

Starting tomorrow morning we will be adding a new daily feature to the blog. Each day the "Scribe" will choose a "Research Director". That person's job will be to search the net for a great new math site that helps to explain, reinforce, or extend a topic that we have covered in class. The Research Director will post a brief summary of the site, and share it with the class by creating a link.

Since most people prefer to learn from visuals, try looking for videos, diagrams, or java applets that demonstrate a topic really well. Maybe you can find a neat cartoon or powerpoint. You never know what you might find. Don't forget to credit the author of any material that you borrow. Just because it is on the internet, does not make it yours to take. One day someone may borrow intellectual property that you created - wouldn't you want them to at least recognize the efforts that you made???

Happy surfing!
Ms. Armstrong


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