Thursday, January 12, 2006

Better late than never

Great! I'm the first unlucky person that been chosen to create a new blog.. well, yeah, atleast i can help... First of all.. be prepared for the exam in science on january 27 th and30..

Reminders:do not bring any MP3, cellphones, or back backs, all you can bring is a pn or pencil.. When you finished the test early, u cant hang around on the hall, you have to stay inside the room for atleast 1 or 2 hours.
If you dont have a test that day, you are not expected to be on school, u must stay at home, or miss armstrong will kick you out by herself. for more further information, please dont ever ASK me! ask ms. AMY!!!.

What happened today?
this is what happened:
We talked about phoebe's rats.. Phoebe has 1 rat. She has 6 babies each. Each of the babies has 6 babies. each of their baby has 6 more babies. then those baby each has 6 babies. Phoebe thinks that she will have 25 rats all in all.
Show 2 errors in her thinking.
1.) Mathematical
115 all in all instead of 25.
now thats wrong..
Jordans: 1297 all in all instead of 115.(now thats right) how did he get that answer?figure it by yourself..
2.)Logic error
* She cant be sure that bob the rat will have 6 babies, what if its more than six or lessthan. And what if theres boys?can they have 6 babies...?ofcourse not.. and what if theres no boy rats?how can they produce a baby without a boy rat? does that make sense?
Well im still struggeling in my english, so yeah sorry..
Exponent and powers

7 4. 4 is the exponent..
so it would be 7 to the exponent of 4..
we really didnt get to study lots about this coz mrs. Silva told us a story about her mice problem, shes so cool coz she has a friend mice...ANYWAYS
1;)EXPONENTIAL FORM-a short hand meathod of writing a # expressed as repeated multiplication.. SYNONYM -power e.g 126

2.)EXPANDED FORM - repeated multiplication of a base e.g 3x3x3x3x3x3x3x3 a tree diagram

3.)STANDARD FORM-the usual way we write a number e.g 47 = 2401

4.) BASE -the # used for repeated multiplication 63=6x6x6

thats it for now, i run out of english..
just try to understand...





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