Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pssst...I have a secret - pass it on!!

Well, well my jellybeans, it seems that you have fallen off the blogging wagon. Where is everyone? No scribe posts, no good commenting, no great sites for us to check out. What's going on?

Today I was thinking! (No I didn't hurt myself), but I did realize that you are almost grade 10's. My little jellybeans are growing up so quickly. That makes it the perfect time to challenge you to out do the fabulous work that you were doing earlier in the year. Would you like a little incentive??? Here it is... Mr. Kuropatwa has started a wiki (it's a type of website that you can go to and edit as you wish) that is called The Scribe Post Hall of Fame.

Now for the challenge. I want each of you to try and out do, out scribe, and out teach each other. I know that you are all incredibly capable of exceeding my expectations. As for the secret, one of you has already been nominated by a Grade 8 teacher at Sargent Park. Check out the link to find out which post was deemed hall of fame worthy. Then pass on the info to the others. I want to see if everyone knows by lunch time tomorrow. Bet you can't do it, or can you.

Ms. Armstrong


At 2:29 PM, Blogger Danny T said...

Congratulation Arvin! :Clap:


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