Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring Break! Puzzles!! :)

Hello! This Have Some Over Spring Break! But Here are Some Puzzles To Pump Some Brain Power Over The Spring Break Weekend! :) Woo-Hoo!! Good Luck! :P Hehe

Puzzle #1:
How many hexagons, in total,
can you find in this puzzle. Clue: there are more than 45.

Answer Puzzle #1: There are 64 hexagons in total. There are 37 single hexagons, 19 hexagons which contain 7 smaller hexagons, 7 hexagons which contain 19 smaller hexagons and one large hexagon which contains all of the smaller hexagons.

Puzzle #2:
Above is 99, moving only two lines, can you turn this into 25?

Answer Puzzle #2:

Puzzle #3:
Can you draw exactly 4 straight lines
that pass through ALL 9 spots, without removing your pen from the paper?

Answer Puzzle #3:

Puzzle #4:
Place the digits from 1 to 9 into
the circles so that the sum of the numbers in each straight line is the same.

Answer Puzzle #4:


Puzzle #5:
What number comes next in this sequence?


Answer Puzzle #5: 468: each line is generated by multiplying two digits at a time of the previous line. 986888 = (9x8)(6x8)(8x8) = 724864 = (7x2)(4x8)(6x4) = 143224 = (1x4)(3x2)(2x4) = 468.

Post Your Answers In Comment Box And I'll Post The Correct Answer On the Last Day Of Spring Break!!

Thanks: Braingle

Danny T.

Edited: April 3, 2006

Monday, March 20, 2006

Alice in wonderland to Car Rims to the Overhead Projector . . .

Tribond time.
>Alice in wonderland0
>Car Rims
>Overhead Projector


Dilatations are the transformations of shapes by making them BIGGER or smaller.
The text book Glossary puts it in a more simple way. The transformation that changes the size of an object.
Out of all honesty *sounds like something Uyen would say* , I find this a teensy bit easier than Rotations. Because, unlike Rotations. This concept uses a Mapping rule.
and that mapping rule is . . .
( x, y) ▬▬▬► ( kx , ky )
"k" being that SCALE factor
simply put the number of time you multiply the x & y coordinates by to get (x , y) Primed

Let's say we have
[ ▲xyz ]
and the coordinates for the triangle were
[x] = (-2 , 8)
[y] = ( 6 , 2)
[z] = ( 4, -2)
and the scale factor is " 2 " or we want it TWICE as BIG
we multiply the X & Y by 2. so the coordinates for
[ ▲xyz '] is . . .
[x'] = (-4 , 16)
[y'] = (12 , 4)
[z'] = ( 8 , -4)

try it on a grid . . .
[ ▲xyz ] is twice the size of [ ▲xyz ']

well, that's it for me. i gotta finish my map of atlantis. TAKE CARE ALL!!

Friday, March 17, 2006

I miss you jellybeans :(

Well, I will put it in writing...being sick sucks.

I am happy to hear that everyone is cooperating with the subs and finishing their work. It sounds like Mr. Tram will definitely be the next sub I call if I have to be away. I'm glad to hear that Jason has officially deamed Eric as smart. I knew that all along...that's why he frustrates me so much. I am very lucky to teach such a bright jellybean jar. I know that everyone of you is capable of amazing things when you put forth your best effort.

See you on Monday,
Ms. A

march 16

We had a substitute teacher named Mr. Tram since almost all of us are done in our homework in page 306 he showed us bunch of cool games. The games that he showed us is the polar bears, the coins, and many more we had to try it but some of it are confusing and he showed a trick how to get the answer immedietly then someone will put three four digit number.


Thursday, March 16, 2006

March 16

Woah! Today was the greatest, we had a substitute and his name was Mr.Tram. Lotta people were already done all their work, so Mr.Tram showed us a bunch of games. I don't really feel like taking the time to explain them all right now, but if you want me to tell you, just ask me at school next week.

And, um... Eric Everton is oficially smart now, he solved that back-spin puzzle game, if you don't know what that is, it's the game with the two sides and all the different colored balls and you need to put the balls in the right area. I was trying it for so long, then Eric just comes along and finished it. It only took him like...Two minutes. I'm so jealous.

Anyways, I gotta wrap this up so...I got one more thing to say


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Reflections and Translations

Sorry I coulnd't send in a post early because I didn't have the time to, sorry.
The day I was supposed to send in my post we learned alot of stuff like reflections where we have to reflect a given shape on a grid. We had to reflect by the given reflection line. Then we had to do some classwork-pgs.304-305,#1,#8-18 and #20-26.

Reflections and Translations

Friday, March 10, 2006

Today's scribe

Today in class we finished working on that transformation worksheet but if u did finish it in class it was for homework. We also did a transformation dance that a student made up. It was fun but Ms. Armstrong's dance was a little better then the student's dance.

Jason E

Thursday, March 09, 2006

late report(failing)new one

translating a shape or coordinate
talking about x- axis, the - sign means going to the left, and + sign mean going to the right..
y- axis, the sign - means going down, and + going up...

translate this in words(x-4,y+5)
word: x going to the left 4 spots, and going up 5 spots..

get it?
its kinda short, but easy, just like dancing too...


Today we learned new words and new stuff about the grid. Ms. Armstrong taught us on how to locate the reflection of a triangle by using the reflection line. We also did the grid dance.

Reflection or flip:A mirror image of an object without changing the size or shape.

Reflection line or mirror or axis of symmetry: Is the line which becomes the center of the reflected images.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Math Translation

Math Translation

Here is a site a found on the internet that help you guys/girls in translations. Thanks Michele for telling me how to link.

Transformation site

I found this transfromtion site with slops so go check it out but the link does not work so hear is the site address.

Jason e

I made a link

I can make it as a link.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

happy faces ahha (:

CLICK ON MEE some translation site with happy faces :)

CONGRUENT: the flower peddles are congruent because all (or maybe just two or three of them) are the same size and shape.

TRANSLATION: this diagram shows how shapes are moved from one point to another, which is called translation (but the triangles are also congruent because although they get moved over, they maintain the same shape and size).

SOURCES : (can't find the exact picture sorry)

My printer's ink is all gone. Can't get in trouble for not doing my homework though :)(Y). okaaaaaay !


Today the class learned new words to help us on the booklet Ms. Armstrong handed out. Some of the words were mapping rules, quadrant, vertices/vertex, and congruent.

Mapping Rule: Give the direction of the translations. x -> is left/right and y -> is up/down. EXAMPLE: (x,y)-> (x+3, y-5)

Quadrant: one of the region on a coordinate grid, counter clockwise

Vertices-Plural/Vertex-Singular: The point where two lines meet or cross

Congruent: Two or more shapes that are the same size and shape. EXAMPLE: R and R = Congruent, but R and T are not congruent.
Factoring Unit Due Wednesday March 8


Well I am Reseach director and now I found this cool website here But there is no toool bar where i am now i'm really sorry guy i will get it to u as soon as i can okay BYE!!!

Monday, March 06, 2006

HI!! What Happened today!!!

Hey you guys....I'm here again to tell you what happened today. Today we started reveiwing the how to move coordinates and how to write them.
For example. How do you write discribe the translation in words like (x,y)---->(x+3,y+4) the coordinates is x moves 3 to the right and y moves 4 up.
Then we learned how to move the shapes on a graph like
For example. The prime coordinates are A(3,2) B(-1,4) C(3-,5-) (x,y)-->(x-4.y+2)

How to do: Find the coordinates of A B C then when u do move them make sur to LABLE!!! like A1 B1 and C1


UYEN ^_^

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Something big is happening soon

Something big is happening soon and you can be a part of DMCI history. Don't let anyone know, but I'll give you a clue. It starts on March 14, 2006 (a very special historic day). Follow the link to get another clue.
AP Calculus AB: It's Coming ...

Good luck my jellybean mathematicians.
Ms. Armstrong

Friday, March 03, 2006

Close one!

Whew! Dodged a bullet today. Mrs. Armstrong scared me, made me think the exam would be a walk through hell, but once I got the paper, it was a walk in the park instead. If you read the instructions, you'd know there was a bonus mark just for reading them, but I probably drew the worst sketch of Mrs. Armstrong in the WORLD!
So i thought it'd be hard, but it was easy. I probably beat all of you, so HA!


(norweigan for "the end")....(in case you were wondering)

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Today's class - Review for EXAM

Today in class we had a substitute for Ms.Armstrong and it was Mr.Orstrander. He gave us a piece of sheet that showed us on how to review or study for the EXAM on FRIDAY. And 4 or 5 students read each point out loud. When that was done, he handed us a Mid-term Review Math Exam. We went in groups of 3 or 4 and worked on it. And that was mostly it we did in pretty sure...but if not just leave a comment and yeah...=D

Table of content Factoring unit

Factoring Unit

Feb, 3 -following directions

Feb 6, -Notes: dividing polynomials
-worksheet: dividing polynomial by
-text page 191 #25

Feb 8, -Notes: GCF (greatest common factor)
-Three-point word - factor
-Worksheet: factoring out a common
Factor page 11/12

Feb 9,-Worksheet: factoring out a variable

Feb 13, -worksheet: multiplying binomials
-Booklet page 19 - 20

Feb 14, - Quiz GCF
-Group problem
-Booklet page 21 - 23

Feb 16, -page 201 #59

Feb 17, -An activity called a quiz

Feb 20, -Carnival games
-factoring notes

Feb 21, -factoring sheet - even number only

Feb 23, - Factoring polynomials sheet

Need help ??

Here's a site that might help you to understand "Translation"

After that, you can try a" Quiz "to test your knowledge!!

That's it for now, I'll see you guys tomorrow!!

Note: Dont Forget to study for The Exam on Friday!!