Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hey Guys

whoah i haven't been here in such a long time...
well here i tried my best to find a good site for us to study for
tomorrow's test.
Actually if you work on the review on
page 320 #5-6 #12-37 it's a very good practice.

But here are the sites that I found.

would you look at that...I'm missing distortion.
Well, I tried looking for a good site but I seriously can't but i'll give you some informations
about Distortion.
I'm gonna do this in my head.
It's a wonkt shape;
not equal;
the mapping rule is different. e.g- (x,y) -->( 3x,6y)
it's not a congruent or similar...

that's all i can find in my head and i'm running out of time...
my advice is look at your 3point word and your notes and work it'll be helpful!!!
well that's it guys see ya!


At 12:18 AM, Blogger Danny T said...

Good Job!


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