Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Spring Break! Puzzles!! :)

Hello! This Have Some Over Spring Break! But Here are Some Puzzles To Pump Some Brain Power Over The Spring Break Weekend! :) Woo-Hoo!! Good Luck! :P Hehe

Puzzle #1:
How many hexagons, in total,
can you find in this puzzle. Clue: there are more than 45.

Answer Puzzle #1: There are 64 hexagons in total. There are 37 single hexagons, 19 hexagons which contain 7 smaller hexagons, 7 hexagons which contain 19 smaller hexagons and one large hexagon which contains all of the smaller hexagons.

Puzzle #2:
Above is 99, moving only two lines, can you turn this into 25?

Answer Puzzle #2:

Puzzle #3:
Can you draw exactly 4 straight lines
that pass through ALL 9 spots, without removing your pen from the paper?

Answer Puzzle #3:

Puzzle #4:
Place the digits from 1 to 9 into
the circles so that the sum of the numbers in each straight line is the same.

Answer Puzzle #4:


Puzzle #5:
What number comes next in this sequence?


Answer Puzzle #5: 468: each line is generated by multiplying two digits at a time of the previous line. 986888 = (9x8)(6x8)(8x8) = 724864 = (7x2)(4x8)(6x4) = 143224 = (1x4)(3x2)(2x4) = 468.

Post Your Answers In Comment Box And I'll Post The Correct Answer On the Last Day Of Spring Break!!

Thanks: Braingle

Danny T.

Edited: April 3, 2006


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what is this??????
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