Tuesday, March 07, 2006

happy faces ahha (:

CLICK ON MEE some translation site with happy faces :)

CONGRUENT: the flower peddles are congruent because all (or maybe just two or three of them) are the same size and shape.

TRANSLATION: this diagram shows how shapes are moved from one point to another, which is called translation (but the triangles are also congruent because although they get moved over, they maintain the same shape and size).

http://www.flickr.com/ (can't find the exact picture sorry)

My printer's ink is all gone. Can't get in trouble for not doing my homework though :)(Y). okaaaaaay !


At 10:42 PM, Blogger Ms. Armstrong said...

Homework complete Michele. I actually prefer that you posted it on the blog - why kill a tree and waste ink when you can present your findings to the whole world.

By the way...Could you please edit your post and site the sources of your pictures? You must credit the photographers or the authors whom you borrowed the photos from.


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