Tuesday, February 28, 2006

NOTE: if you dont remember how to work with integers ... then I strongly suggest you ask someone ..

-3 + 28

When working with integers, you should ignore the "plus" or "minus" signs , you should just think of all the numbers as positive and negatives. Positives mean "add on to.." and negatives mean "take away from.." , and when adding and subtracting integers you always take the sign of the higher number.

When multiply and dividing, the math is done normally but if the two signs are like same (+)(+), or (-)(-), the answer will be (+) positive. If the numbers are (+)(-), or (-)(+), the answer will be a negative.


Now to study the "Polynomials", "Powers & Exponents", and "Factoring"
This will be less complicated because these three units depend on eachother, and so if you know one , you`ll know MOST .



Expression - is the statement or question (problem) that is given

example : -3x + 10

Numberial Coefficient - is the number that comes before the variable (which is usually a letter)

example : -3x + 10
-3 is the number that comes before the "x" (variable) so therefore it's the numberial coefficient

Variable - it's usually a letter and it represents the value of an unknown number

example : -3x + 10
x is the variable, it comes after the coefficient

Constant : is the number that is alone, the one that has no variable beside it and stands alone as only a number

example : -3x + 10
10 is the constant



When translating expressions you should always circle and underline things to help you figure out the statement or to help you translate your expression.


The sum of a number and ten

How would you work that out ?

n 10
The sum of (a number) and ten

When you put it all together, you know its "the sum of" something so it's an answer to an addition (+), "a number" is the value of an unknown number so its a variable, and "10" which is a number ...



Three more than one fifth of a number

The quotient of ten and five multiplyed by a number

Triple the sum of six and a number

k well ... i`ll study some more math tomorow, like terms, BEDMAS, (dividing, multiplying, adding, subtracting) polynomials ... etc etc . hey this blog is pretty coooool . makes me so easy for me to study muuahahaha . math nerds , hey we should have a math nerds club chhyeaaah :D(Y) well im gona go study for social now HAHAHA . k LOVE YOU GUYS BYE :)


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Nice Work on these Exam Studying Tips!! Keep Up The Good Work and Good Luck On The Math Exam!!!

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hehe... i never thought i would see the day that one of the coolest people in DMCI call themselves a nerd... oh well.. nice work michelle!!!!

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huh? i dont get your point arvin. but nice job again these would help other people i'll post something that will help other people too like dinh

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Why is everyone talking about me talk about edward d. he will never be on this haha. And we know he never listens

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