Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New Unit, New Life, New Topic

hahah. See? I actually got to a computer to do this post.
Well, what we did today was quite fun actually, we Practiced Plotting Co-ordinates on the Cartesian Plain by putting down letters on random coordinates on the Cartesian Plain that was marked on the FLOOR!!! Well, I disagree with Mrs. Armstrong.. The class didn't smell that skunky! You should go inside the Boy's Locker Room after GYM!!! Well, apart from that we Did The Three point approach Sheets.

Word = Co-ordinates
Defenition = An ordered pair that locates a point on a Cartesian Plain
Synonym = Ordered Pair
Word = Translation
defending = Sliding a figure (Shape) up, down or diagonally along a straight line WITHOUT changing it's size, shape or orientation.
Synonym = Slide

Well, That's about it.
I Have to go now.
dont do drugs!


At 8:42 PM, Blogger Arvin A. said...

too late man. . . . . . when everything goes wrong.. there's always ONE drug that u can count on. MUSIC!. and yes. i encourage everyone to use it. hahahahaha. well, music is kind of like a drug. anyways, nice work JD! love the defenitions! anyone who didnt go to class can go here now. and no missed notes. why dont u do THAT kind of post for think.musik? hahahahahah. see yah people. i gtg now.. my parents are screaming at me. again. wonder what i did this time?


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