Saturday, February 18, 2006

Got Bored :)

I Got Bored and Made This :) To Represent the class of 2005-2006 :) Haha You Can Use This "Mini" Banner For Each Scribe You Do To Represent Class 2005-2006 *hehe*

I Also found this site GCF Which will help you find the Great Common Factoring... It Has A Workout Area Which It Shows 2 different number and you got to guess the GCF ! GOOD LUCK! Hehe


the code to the banner is

[img src="url here" border=0"]
*Note* Replace "[ ]" with "< >" To Make the Code Work :)


At 9:21 AM, Blogger Ms. Armstrong said...

Danny, you are both BRILLIANT and CREATIVE...what a fabulous combination. Thank you for taking the time and initiative to make our class blog even better.

There was a small gitch in the code, but I enjoy a little challenge. Because of this blog, I have been teaching myself html. Each template challenge I encounter pushes me to learn a little more about programming.

from myself and the entire S1 JELLYBEAN CLASS OF - 2005-2006


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