Monday, November 14, 2005

green mans

I was just done typing up some work and just when I was done I got zapped into a space ship. This green guy came up to me and said help us from the evil red man. He is slaving my planet and we have to learn polynomials if we want to live.

Ok this is how you add poynomials -like terms-polynomials with the same variables, or letter.
step 1-write your polynomial (numbers with letters) question.

eg. 3y + 5y

step 2-Add your coefficent(the number in front of the letter)

3 + 5= 8

step 3-If the letters are the same you keep that letter and put it beside your answer on step 2

3y +5y= 8y

And that is how you add polynomials.... *are you sure that's how you add. but what if the numbers are different, then what*. Well those are unlike term.

unlike terms-polynomials with different variables of letter.
Adding polynomials
step 1-write your polynomial question.
(3x2 - 2x -4)
+ (-4x2 +3x -7)

step 2-combine your like terms.

3x2 - 2x -4 -if you add a positive and a negative you would get zero which is called a zero model
-4x2 +3x -7 model [ ] + [ ] = 0
-1x2 +1x -11

if both terms have the same sign, and the number and put the sing in-keep the same variable. (if not)-take the lesser from the greater, put the sign of the greater in front.

*how do you know this*I just did it on a computer. Now, can I go back? *ok you helped us thank you*


At 4:58 PM, Anonymous Danny. H said...

don't worry about the spelling it was to late when I saw it (This green guy came up to me and said help use the evil red man)it is This green guy came up to me and said help us from the evil red man
sorry about that


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